Brand as Human

“Brand” had been with us since human time began. Millennia before marketing coined the term “branding,” the how, when, and why of people “attaching” to a person, product, or idea, has been nothing less than the engine of history. Attachment is why one product is preferred over another and why people lay down their lives … Read more

Lady Gaga: Primal Priestess

Lady Gaga is back, her hip surgery just a minor interval in an otherwise hi-buzz career. Stephanie G, like others such as Richard Nixon, will surely again bifurcate the world into “like” and “not like.” Where she prances there is no middle ground. But as she returns to center stage with her modified anthems and … Read more

Thinking About Marketing Through a New Lens

Thinking About Marketing Through a New Lens

Cognitive Anthropologist and Brain Sells CEO Bob Deutsch sat down with Mary van de Wiel, CEO and Creative Director of Zing Your Brand, on NY Brand Lab Radio on August 28, 2013, to discuss the four tenets that companies should keep in mind when developing their brands. Listen to the entire interview here ->