Volkswagon: Polluting the American Psyche

VW, another corporate enterprise with no heart. In Indian thought there are seven energy centers in the human body, called chakras. Considering this as a valid depiction, it can be said VW only exists at the level of the first three chakras, located from the base of the back to the abdominal region, thus exhibiting … Read more

For Success In Social Media, Conversation Is Not Enough—You Need Narrative

Cognitive anthropologist Bob Deutsch argues that brands seeking connections with people should be looking to enter their self-narratives, not their conversations.  Read an excerpt from this article, which first appeared in Fast Company. Let’s begin with a couple of “So What?” questions: A brand has 20 million Facebook likes. So what? A brand’s tweet “breaks … Read more

What Brand Strategists Can Learn from Celebrities

We live in a performance-based culture where celebrities are our kings and queens. Therefore, It can be instructive for marketers to understand the dynamics of mind that cause us to idolize and occasionally turn away abruptly from celebrities we once extolled. The one axiom most marketing executives understand is: When you have a blip on … Read more

How to Put Experience Back Into ‘Consumer Experience’

“Consumer experience” is one of the big buzzwords in today’s marketing lexicon. But what does it really mean and what comprises consumer experience? Most marketers plan for how best to have consumers experience the company’s brand, and have the consumer do so in a way the marketer wants consumers to experience it. Given the way … Read more

Brand as Human

“Brand” had been with us since human time began. Millennia before marketing coined the term “branding,” the how, when, and why of people “attaching” to a person, product, or idea, has been nothing less than the engine of history. Attachment is why one product is preferred over another and why people lay down their lives … Read more

Presidents, Products and Brands: Three Critical Lessons

It’s always a long road to the White House, with many potholes along the way. 2016 might pit a battle of family dynasties: Jeb v Hillary, or a tea party teetotaler. What lessons can we reflect on when pondering the every-four-year spectacle of the wrestling match between both the Democratic and Republicans contenders, and what … Read more

Social tribes are more potent than social networks

In our socially-mediated world, marketers must place greater emphasis on understanding their audience as people rather than as “consumers.” To build a social brand, marketers need to discover who these people really are. This requires research that can elicit stories about how people feel about their world, the subtext of which defines their identities. This … Read more

Ads Should Help Folks Have Fun

Ads Should Help Folks Have Fun

Fun and happiness, partly because of their scarcity, are hot topics. Today life is hard, in new ways. In addition to the economic downturn, people experience life as TOO fast, TOO complex and TOO competitive. Everyone is rushed. Everyone is pulled in many directions. This hardness of life can all too often push away the experience … Read more

Marketing to Happiness

Happiness is a hot topic these days. Scholars have recently noted some non-intuitive dynamics as to what makes people happy, and, of course, Americans are always in the pursuit of happiness. Marketers rarely, if ever, talk about happiness directly, but in designing digital offerings that promise an “experience,” or when focused on building customer relationships, … Read more

Mobile:  Where Cognitive Anthropology Meets Marketing

Mobile: Where Cognitive Anthropology Meets Marketing

Technology is great but we must not forget that the future has an ancient, living heart. Human nature keeps that vital organ pumping in search of predictability, comfort and hope. People now view more Web pages on their iPhone browsers than on Windows Mobile or many dot-com platforms. However, before manufacturers can increase the ROI … Read more