People, Not Consumers

A speech by Dr. Bob Deutsch at the Account Planners Group Conference in Miami, Florida, May 2005.

“Consumers is too small of a conceptual box from which to understand people. For example, the idea of consumers assumes linear causality, logic, attribute assessment and expected utility calculations. People don’t “attach” to products that way. People are emotion-based, non-linear, symbolic assessors and narrative makers.”

Donald Trump, Explained

Every time I think of Donald Trump a Peanuts cartoon pops into my mind. It has Lucy holding a football for a field goal kick from Charlie Brown. Just as Charlie goes to put toe to pigskin, Lucy pulls the ball away and good ol’ Chuck goes flying off his feet. Lucy then walks off … Read more

Are the Two Titles, President and CEO, Compatible?

Donald Trump trumpets himself as a great businessman. There are parts of the public that assume his self-declared business acumen can naturally translate to his success as president. Not so fast: Our nation’s purpose and methods of operation are not the same as a business. The two entities exist in completely different contexts. A democracy … Read more

Post-Election Reflections on Humans as Humans

Forget Occupying Wall Street. Now it’s Displacing the Establishment. For those who were against Donald Trump, venting one’s anger in protest is a true expression of American democracy. There are no tanks in our streets. But venting is not enough. We — all of us — need to understand why Trump, as president-elect, happened. Then we can move forward, … Read more

Mars, The Martian and U.S.

This article originally appeared in Bob Deutsch’s column on the Huffington Post. It was only a little more than a decade ago that Mars passed close to Earth, just a stones throw, relatively speaking. Many people looked up. Many more people said, “so what?” Just as Brian De Palma’s 2000 film, Mission to Mars, had … Read more