People, Not Consumers

A speech by Dr. Bob Deutsch at the Account Planners Group Conference in Miami, Florida, May 2005.

“Consumers is too small of a conceptual box from which to understand people. For example, the idea of consumers assumes linear causality, logic, attribute assessment and expected utility calculations. People don’t “attach” to products that way. People are emotion-based, non-linear, symbolic assessors and narrative makers.”

Brand as Human

“Brand” had been with us since human time began. Millennia before marketing coined the term “branding,” the how, when, and why of people “attaching” to a person, product, or idea, has been nothing less than the engine of history. Attachment is why one product is preferred over another and why people lay down their lives … Read more

Ads Should Help Folks Have Fun

Ads Should Help Folks Have Fun

Fun and happiness, partly because of their scarcity, are hot topics. Today life is hard, in new ways. In addition to the economic downturn, people experience life as TOO fast, TOO complex and TOO competitive. Everyone is rushed. Everyone is pulled in many directions. This hardness of life can all too often push away the experience … Read more

Marketing to Happiness

Happiness is a hot topic these days. Scholars have recently noted some non-intuitive dynamics as to what makes people happy, and, of course, Americans are always in the pursuit of happiness. Marketers rarely, if ever, talk about happiness directly, but in designing digital offerings that promise an “experience,” or when focused on building customer relationships, … Read more