Stealth Wealth

The C8 Laviolette from Spyker Cars N.V. in the Netherlands has a howling 400hp engine, a gaping front grille and a glass canopy reminiscent of a fighter jet. It goes 187mph. Price: $210,000. Who’d have the guts to drive a car like that in this economy? William Gacioch. A 59-year-old residential real estate investor, Gacioch … Read more

Imbuing Watches With Timeless Values

Imbuing Watches With Timeless Values

By VICTORIA GOMELSKY, The New York Times Published: November 26, 2009 In 2003, when Breitling announced that it was co-branding a collection of watches with Bentley, eyebrows shot up in Switzerland. What did a widely available watch brand like Breitling have in common with a traditional, elite British carmaker? Very little, as it turned out, … Read more

World’s Top Luxury Cars

Dr. Bob Deutsch, a 60-year-old cognitive anthropologist, first experienced the Maserati Quattroporte when he and a friend cruised the Cannes coastline on their way to lunch, 40 years ago. Today, he still can’t walk past a Maserati showroom without going inside to reminisce–and consider buying one. “First of all, the leather is unlike anything I’ve … Read more