Presidents, Products and Brands: Three Critical Lessons

It’s always a long road to the White House, with many potholes along the way. 2016 might pit a battle of family dynasties: Jeb v Hillary, or a tea party teetotaler. What lessons can we reflect on when pondering the every-four-year spectacle of the wrestling match between both the Democratic and Republicans contenders, and what can those teachings tell us about branding in general?

The first lesson: “Go with the Flow”

The easiest way to alienate voters is to take big risks and grab big headlines. Media pundits love politicians who swim upstream, but it’s the same affection bears hold for migrating salmon. Brands must not only seek to dominate a product category, but for maximum effectiveness they must fit into the cultural moment.

In an era of narrowcasting and media surfing, no single individual can reshape the national agenda and become president. The Winston Churchills of our young millennium must content themselves with guest appearances on late-night TV and YouTube, while the Forrest Gumps get elected by floating with the breeze.  Read the full article in Bob Deutsch’s column in the Huffington Post >>