“People react much more emotionally than companies
would ever dare to think. The deep structure of mind is
based on emotion and narrative. To be successful,
marketing campaigns must respond to this expression of
human nature.”  

— Dr. Bob Deutsch, CEO of Brain Sells

We create the kind of ideas for digital and offline communications that assure engagement and loyalty to a client’s products and brand.

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The 5 Essentials: Using Your Inborn Resources to Create a Fulfilling Life

“In The 5 Essentials, Dr. Bob bottles up his native brilliance and eclectic intellect in a compact volume that is rich with inspiring and actionable insights for all readers. Drawing on his life story, as well as conversations with ordinary and extraordinary people he has met along the way, Dr. Bob presents a compelling framework that will define and dramatically enhance your experience of what it means to be human.”

— Jeffrey F. Rayport, consultant to global entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, author, and former Harvard Business School professor

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